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Concord Tile And Carpet cleaningTile Floor Cleaning ServiceThe sparkle of a newly tiled floor is always alluring and admirable. When you tile your floor and you are done with all the grouting, you feel like your little heaven of a home is complete and chances are you will want to call over some friends to show off. However, one or two weeks down the line there comes the reality of cleaning to maintain the sparkle of the floor. Not only is cleaning tiresome but the results especially if it is all handwork just do not give it the brand new look. The grout keeps soaking the dirt and turning darker close to black making the whole floor a mess. So let us save you all the headache by offering some little help with that dirty floor and help you get back to the sparkle of the first day.

Most times floors are vacuum-cleaned or hand-washed which does not work on the stains like those on the kitchen floor. Sweeping the floor makes it look hazy. Other methods of cleaning include using steam or water under pressure to clean hard surfaces. Grout that is mostly subjected to this forces is cement based with sand or the modern polymer type. Both the two types are prone to corrosion and will look uneven and rough due to this force of water or steam used to clean them. Most chemicals like the bleaches used react with the grout and tiles and in no time they get a permanent dull appearance.

tile and grout cleaning by aic concord carpet cleaningThe mentioned methods not only come with a labor price on you as you kneel down on your knees to get it done but also are time consuming and will make your floor dull. Hence these methods will not only fail to yield desirable results but also are uneconomical as you will be forced to re-tile to maintain the sparkle. After educating you, I would like to share with you the expertise we use in achieving all you have always wanted with your tile floor. Our tile cleaning service solves all your tile floor needs as far as cleaning goes by integrating technology that will not only clean your floors but also give them the brand new look again. Our professional cleaners use Rotovac machines technology.

Rotovac technology is the latest in floor cleaning replacing the canonical methods we know combines aic concord tile cleaningrotary nylon cleaning bristles and spray jet in cleaning. It is a rotary jet extractor that utilizes vacuum heads to thoroughly clean as it smoothens the tiles and grout giving them back the sparkle. The spray jet uses pressurized heated or unheated water as it moves in a side to side motion while the nylon bristles scrub the floor surface then the vacuum comes in to suck up all water grime and dirt and in no time your floor is as clean as new. In our package as the service using cutting edge rotovac technology, we can also clean your carpets within no time using hundreds of multidirectional cleaning passes. We are proud and happy to be of service to you when you call at our office in Colorado and we assure you an excellent floor tiles grout and carpet cleaning.

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