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Carpet Cleaning Service – Bait-and-Switch

do not let any one  bait and switch you

Dirty Business for Carpet Cleaners:

How to Watch Out for Carpet cleaning Bait-and-Switch or Scams!

Pick the wrong carpet cleaners and the only thing getting a thorough cleaning is your wallet. They call them professional services because there’s a certain expectation of quality that comes with being a professional, but for some dirty carpet cleaners it’s all about the money. If a company’s advertising a special rate for a service, offering a certain number of rooms free or a high quality result for an unbelievably low price, then it’s time to squint at the fine print. Bait-and-Switch or Scams as they’re better known are more common then people realize, even when it comes to carpet cleaning. Caution should always be used when selecting services and products. If the cleaner shows up to work with a list of exceptions and fees already in mind, then it’s the customer’s job to turn them away.

The Bait:

People who set out with the mentality to scam their customers aren’t about to invest in anything more then is absolutely necessary to create a situation where they get paid. If the cleaning van pulls up and you happen to catch it, take a minute to get a good look at the kind of person servicing your carpets. Professional companies want to maintain their relationship with customers, they will invest in their equipment, hire efficient and dependable employees and generally advertise their services to protect and spread brand recognition. In short, they want to do a good job to EARN your money. If the carpet cleaner they sent looks suspicious, has an unkempt, unmarked vehicle and shoddy equipment for the job, don’t be surprised when he starts rattling off random charges. By that point however, it’s too late if you’ve already let them in.

The Switch:

Once they’re in and working, it’s only a matter of time before the other shoe falls. At best your cleaner is somebody hired fresh off the street with little to no experience, desperate to make a sale while keeping in their company’s dishonest rules. At worst, they’re an experienced con artist who will attempt to pressure and intimidate you into paying ludicrous fees. After what’s sure to be an unsatisfactory performance, whether because of malice or inexperience, the negotiating begins. They’ll use scare tactics like hidden fees, unnecessary services and unsolicited consultations to drive the bill up. If they’re asking if they can move your furniture, use a special deodorizer or even offering a discount on a different and more expensive service then they’re currently providing, they’re simply out to make more money – not improve your experience. It’s your responsibility as the customer to refuse them.

The Scam:Never get ripped off when it comes to your carpet cleaning

With the right wording everything is billable and by the time they hand it to you, the damage will already be done. They don’t have your best interest at heart and by this point it’s too late – they’ve tricked you into paying hundreds for a job that was only supposed to cost a few dollars. That’s why it’s important to use reputable and trusted carpet cleaners in the community. The best defense against a scam starts with an honest merchant. A reputable company will show you the costs up front and provide a quality service, doing no more then you’ve asked for a price you both agreed on.

Bottom Line:

Scam companies are more then happy to go under with people’s money. They’ll be back tomorrow with a new incredible (and fake) deal under a different business name. By cost though, you save more with a reputable business in time, money and dignity then was ever on the table for a bum deal. Find a company in your community you can trust and you’ll always come out on top.

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